Tuesday, February 07, 2006

2006 Help for Democrats

Many people in this country are good-meaning Democrats or left leaning individuals who disagree with the Bush policies on a number of issues and would very much like to see the Democrats take control of the House and Senate in 2006 and regain the Presidency in 2008.

I’m here to help.

I believe the Democratic party is like a boat held back by a seriously heavy anchor. It is trying to pull into the future, but is held back by its own supporters and their views that can now truly be called extreme. I’ll give some examples:

It may not be un-patriotic or un-American to voice opposition to our President or our policy in war or our efforts. It may be actually supporting the troops. At some time, however, those people who are truly, patriotically, expressing their rights by expressing their opposition to our current war positions must look around and choose to distance themselves from people who are un-Patriotic and un-American. People like Cindy Sheehan, who is now a friend and ally of Hugo Chavez , a communist and anti-American enemy. There are many on the extreme left who pay homage to Fidel Castro, an anti-American communist and American enemy. Recently, the United States was a part of a large unified agreement to present Iran to the UN Security Council. Even Russia and China agreed, showing the amount of cooperation and collaboration achieved in this very important issue. While it was always false that our effort in Iraq was unilateral, and our cooperation with nations worldwide in the war on terror is almost unprecedented , this effort with Iran again highlights how this Administration is in fact not isolating us or alienating us from the world.

However, three countries voted against referring Iran to the Security Council, Syria was one. Can you guess the other two? Cuba and Venezuela. Are they our friends or our enemies? Are they un-American? Democrats who want to move the party forward need to distance themselves, vocally, loudly, immediately from people who associate with or claim camaraderie with these nations. A big national anti-SOTU protest was actually organized and run by communists . They had movie stars and even congressmen sign up (Congressman John Conyer, Congressman Jim McDermitt, Gore Vidal, Harold Pinter, Cindy Sheehan, Kurt Vonnegut, Jonathan Kozol, Jane Fonda, and Cornell West.). WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

Recently, governments who were opposed to our involvement in Iraq have been replaced by governments who have an objective to work more closely with the U.S. The people of Germany and Canada have spoken. Democrats need to identify what these relatively moderate people saw wrong in the liberalism of their governments and why they chose to switch. They can take some of that as advisement as the party that is suppose to be more moderate. Even a republican can admit that we can learn lessons from other countries, and Democrats would be wise to take a less extreme stance in opposition to the current administration.

Our economy is booming. Booming. Unemployment is now back to the lowest number since mid 2001, before the mini-recession. While we heard often that Bush was bad for the economy and the tax-cuts would be bad for the economy and more kids would go into poverty etc, the exact opposite happens to be true (if you consider immigration)
Democrats need to jump ship and start also clamoring for the tax-cuts to be permanent. They need to be talking about how Bush has done well for the economy, and take on a new angle of attack. Take the tax reform issue as your own, focus continually and repeatedly on the budget deficit and how defense spending, while necessary, isn’t being done wisely. That can resonate while accepting the reality of the good economy and keeping the tax cuts.

The Jack Abermoff scandal may have legs, and hopefully when he starts naming names, he won’t mention too many Democrats, but you’ve got to get off the NSA program. The President has excellent legal standing, and I don’t think any of you want to propose legislation to actually limit the President’s ability to wiretap terrorists. Although it could have been done since the program's inception, and Democrats had been briefed in TOTAL DETAIL of the program since it's inception, and no Democrat has proposed any legislation that should curtail the program, as a political issue, it is a loser.

Anyway, consider that some free advice. I think a multiple party government system is important, but there is only one game in town right now.

Joe Everyday