Friday, October 29, 2004

Presidential Elections and Reason

I've decided I need to write a little preamble. I ramble a little in this post so bear with me. Oh my my what a wild wacky week.

I've decided to try to write a little bit to make sense of the last week of this Presidential election. I can't say I can ever remember watching or hearing 'news' so biased, or such rapid 'breaking' stories, or such heavy heavy negative campaigning.

I just heard Chris Matthews on MSNBC ask a democratic congresswoman how she feels about 50% of the people still believing there were WMDs in Iraq. He asked incredulously, asked if it made her mad, that people had blinders on. I was shocked. Somebody should let Chris know that Iraq, by their own admission and use, did have WMDs. The question isn't whether they had them or not, but whether they were destroyed sometimes between 1991 and our invasion. According to the U.N., they didn't destroy them, at least as they were directed to under UN resolutions. Just so we are all clear. Iraq did have WMDs. Did we all get that?

It reminded me of Matthews shocked response to Cheney reminding Edwards that he never made a connection between Saddam and 9/11. MSNBC then showed a tape of Cheney making a connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda, which the 9/11 commission confirmed, but Matthews acted as if he didn't even hear it.

The NYTimes and CBS behavior has been outrageous. There is no other way to view the overt partisan bias these two supposed 'news' organizations are showing. They reflect why, or are the reason that, less than 50% of the population now view main stream media as a reliable source of information.

We have missing explosives in Iraq. For all the fog of the issue, we are talking about at most 377 tons against 400,000 tons destroyed or slated to be destroyed. At worst we are talking about not securing 1 site out of 10,000 sites in the country. At best, as we expect, Saddam moved the stuff before we got there. Either way, perspective is helpful to see through the nonsensical hysteria of the media. (no links because, well hell, if you can't find it than you are lost)

We have Halliburton being investigated. Isn't this horse long dead? We don't even hear about this through the noise. No one in the Whitehouse is being investigated. Thanks.

Now we have this Bin Laden tape. I actually heard a commentator on CNN complimenting this nut, almost admiring him. I believe this helps Bush, but to be honest, I can't even imagine what the next 3 days hold.

I would make a prediction but, oh... all right. I think we'll see a bigger Bush victory than expected. He wins both the popular vote and electoral vote. Bush gets Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, NV and maybe Hawaii and New Jersey. Big surprise against Kerry and Bush can win huge.

Joe Scarborough is calling for a potential 269 269 tie. Wow. I don't think so, but how much fun would that be. I need to reach out to blogger world right now. I've asked my email group, I've asked my Chicago democratic friends, I now ask you. Why are you voting for John Kerry? I have not heard anything even close to resembling a coherent thought on the subject. Am I simply not reading the right information? Or do I simply ask for a little logic and reason.