Friday, November 05, 2004

The Hope for a Liberal America

I read Michael Moore's reaction to the election, and he actually makes a very good point.
55 million people voted for a very liberal senator. That is a huge number, and it shows just how compelling the liberal movement can be.

Is it possible to see how liberal ideals are actually the winner here in this election? I think so, here's how.
1. Kerry was an extreme liberal, and he got a hell of a lot of votes.
2. Just as Clinton was a moderate in his cutting capital gains tax and reforming welfare, Bush is a moderate with his No Child Left Behind and Medicare/Medicaid bills. Bush increased spending on social programs.
3. Reforming social security, healthcare and the tax code are progressive ideas, not conservative ones.
4. The next leaders of the republican party, McCain, Rudy G., G. Pataki, Ahnold, Powell, even Cheney are all social moderates on some issues, not conservatives.

The real loser isn't the progressives or liberals, it is the Democratic party. They've failed to be the champion of their own ideals, letting the republicans take it over. They've been forced even more left.

Don't let the gay marriage amendment or state bans fool you, none of the republican leaders I mentioned above would support a gay marriage amendment. Ahnold supported and funded embryonic stem cell research, and campaigned for Bush. Dick Cheney disagrees with his President on an amendment for gay marriage. The Democratic party is the loser, but you socially liberal and progressives, have hope. Your party is in power.