Sunday, October 31, 2004

Kerry and Bush: An Issue Review

I intended this article to be an issue review of the candidates, but since it is now election day, what's the point?

I guess I'll make a couple of quick points and maybe a prediction.

1. Iraq had WMDs. Let's all remember that the question isn't whether they had them or not, but whether they had, on their own, without UN witnesses, destroyed their weapons before 2003.

2. Afghanistan, at least early, is an overwhelming success.

3. Terrorists will not be negotiated with, unless we are willing to completely withdraw all our forces from the middle east, and end our alliance with Israel. If that is your position, feel free to it, I don't think we'll support that anytime soon. Until then, we must be agressive in our attempts to end terrorism and states that breed it.

4. The economy started out poorly for Bush with the end of the dot-com boom and the 9/11 attacks. Since, we've been growing steadily, adding jobs and expanding prosperity. We don't want to 'change directions' in the economy.

5. Bush has funded education more than any president in history. The 'No Child Left Behind' bill was a true bi-partisan effort that will make our education system stronger. The fact that we didn't fund it to the maximum allowed doesn't mean it was under funded.

6. Social Security needs to be re-done. Kerry wants to keep it the same, and that just wont work in the long term.

7. Healthcare is a very complicated issue. Read this for more information on both candidates.

8. We will have to deal with Iran and N. Korea in some way. President Bush is going to have a better time of it than Kerry, who has alienated our troops and allies with his rhetoric.

Bush wins, with OH, FLA, PA, IA, WI and HI all going his way.

Have fun tonight, we'll be drinking Red Dog and Labatt Blue. I passed out Busch at the office today.