Wednesday, November 03, 2004

And Back to Work We Go!

Okay, let's get back to work. Here are two different articles regarding reaction from the middle east on Bush's re-election. The first is from our friends in Lebanon, the second is a view from Japan. Check them both out and check the tone. We will be dealing with perception and media for the next four years and we must be vigilant in our investigation and presentation.

Our objective in fighting terror must be more than using our military. We must have an approach that includes politics and diplomacy. We must move forward quickly toward a Palestinian state. We must move quickly to setup Iraq independence. We must show we are not interested in imperialism.

When you want to fight crime in America, you need to have a strong legal system and strong police force. Those things, however, treat the symptoms, not the cause. Most would admit that the cause is poverty, which is why inner city poor neighborhoods breed crime. Once we promote prosperity, promote opportunity, show that there is hope and alternatives to crime, the crime rate goes down.

This must be accomplished in the middle east as well by promoting freedom, prosperity, personal property and wealth, and hope. Those things will grow and pull people out of the despair that fosters terrorism.

That's my take anyway. Congratulations to the President and all the election winners, now let's get to work!