Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Election is Over

It was a long night for me and I'm quite tired.

Let me make a couple of quick points about what I saw as an everyday guy.

This was a very personal election, and you could see it in the election coverage. Chris Matthews was genuinely disappointed in the results as he was clearly pulling for Kerry. I can see in the faces and voices of the media just how this election affected everyone. Like a sporting event between two closely matched teams, we become emotionally invested, we root, we pull hard, we can't help but believe the positive and ignoring the negative.

I know you can see it in the faces of those you work with, go to school with, and live with. We are all tired and spent. Spend moments reflecting on how the NYTimes and CBS can become so corrupt by their hope and bias. They will rebound. We all will. It's over, and we can get back to the business of being a country again.

I think we need to prepare for the next 2 years (midterm elections) and 4 years with an aggressive agenda. We should see:
1. Social security reforms (partial privatization, change in benefits for those under a certain age)
2. Additional Medicare/Medicaid reforms (decreases in costs)
3. Health care reforms including HSAs and small business advantages (small business groups)
4. A new simplified tax code
5. An increase in environmental protection (yes, increase)
6. 2 new supreme court justices
7. Modification of embryonic stem cell research policy expanding it and increasing funding
8. Continued aggressive foreign policy, re-deployment of troops (out of Saudi Arabia?)
9. Creation of a Palestinian state
10. Federal voting standards

These are the first that come to mind. I'll be writing still, keeping tabs on our media and our politics and presenting, as always, the everyday joe's view of the world. Thanks for reading.