Thursday, January 19, 2006

2005 in the Blink of an Eye

Well here we are in January 2006, and I haven't contributed to the world at all since 2004. What the hell happened? I could write a review summary snapshot of 2005, but why? Nothing really happened. I mean, all those damn '2005 year in review' shows that suck my brain but I can't turn away have covered all the good bad and ugly. There is really no need to recap.

So what now? Let's re-get this party started. I believe now, more than ever, my opinion should be expressed so all can marvel in wonder and amazement as the brilliance of my words illuminate the night of today's events.

Actually, that's not me. I don't have quite that large an ego. I suppose I will make an attempt to get my view on the world at large, oh, I don't know, maybe everyday. (Excluding weekends).

I'm glad to be back.